A Ray of Light

A Ray of Light Does Not Vanish into Darkness

No man has lived a more fulfilled life.
...and we are sad that he has gone?
Flying into the sun as he has, and his wings unmelted?
Nothing could he have achieved by staying a moment longer.
And you hold his spirit to us with grief?
Not a second will I waste in mourning, not for an Immortal.

I have been at the top of ecstasy, refusing sadness, refusing tears. Smiling, joyous.
Ray Bradbury is dead, you say? A great lie, that is.

You're sad because he is gone?
How dare you take him for granted!
Lift your head up, celebrate.

If ever there was a man worthy of celebration,
not because he has died, but because he has lived
--lived more deeply than you or I can fathom--
that man is Ray Bradbury.

Do not waste an ounce of life on grief.
Ray Bradbury has gone to the stars.
He needs only your Godspeeds and applause
as a chorus and rhythm to the echoes of eternity.

Love him. Share him. You cannot forget him.
You will always have him, and he will always be there for us.

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2 Responses to A Ray of Light

  1. Great tribute! And it is true; we should celebrate his life and achievements. He is not gone; he lives in the legacy he left behind because his stories will continue on as new generations learn them and read them.

    1. We've gotta make that happen! No generation with knowledge should ever be without the knowledge of Ray Bradbury. The day mankind forgets him is the day mankind forgets everything else.

      Thanks, Lena!


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