Concept Art

Each of the following were drawn and colored by Camille Pedraja. She's a fantastic pencil artist, as you can see!

I think having the characters drawn like this gave me a sense of direction. They were more than just creatures on the page to me after that. They were more realistic, more alive. Writing and art go together quite well.

There is more cover art to come, of course. Miss Pedraja and I are still working on the design for the first novel, Rising. I thought about using the same piece for each novel, but how boring would that get?


A black and white rendition of the three main characters. From left to right: Zen Mar, Clara Blackstone, and Amina Fay.


 In color. (Zen actually makes fun of Clara a few time throughout the first book for the dresses she wears.)

 An outline for Blackstone, the witch.

Blackstone, finished.

Cover art for at least one of the novels (right now it's slated for novel #2: Sacrifice)

All rights belong to Camille Pedraja. Be nice; don't steal these for your personal use.

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16 Responses to Concept Art

  1. Very nice drawings Ms. Pedraja is extremely talented. Does she do art for ebook covers JR?

  2. Brilliant really. Love watching art go from the bones to a fully fleshed idea! <3

  3. Wonderful, so much talent that deserves to be appreciate it all over the world. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  4. I love this idea--of making our characters come alive! And what beautiful drawings. :)

  5. Indeed,some creative folks at work here. Breathing life into ideas, adding flesh to bone, and moving right along into new vistas!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments :)

    K.W., she's doing mine. I'm not sure she wants to do it for a living or not, but she should, shouldn't she?

  7. Dear Awesome people:
    I am very grateful and humbled by your touching words. It makes me want to practice more and get better, so that my drawings can live up to your lovely words.
    Thank you very much!

  8. Beautiful drawings I love them, great talent. Keep it up.

  9. Vow Nova this is best wishes...

    I specially liked d Blackstone..its ful of intensity!!


  10. Blackstone is a very mysterious witch, that's for sure ;)

  11. How awesome...I recognize your profile pic!

  12. Blackstone the witch is awesome, gonna have to think about cover art when i get to publishing as well. Oh my days still gotta write get some help editing then format then cover aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ;)

  13. There's so much that goes into a good book.

  14. Ooo...tthis s getting to be more exciting JR :) How lovely these caricatures turn out to be!


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