Refocusing in February

February is going to be a successful month for me. Why? Because I am willing it. Sheer mind over matter is going on my way.

I've got goals! But more importantly, I'm on the top side of my usual wave-pattern. I have bad months and I have good months. Now, my bad months aren't really bad, but more “down”, not necessarily in a negative sense. I'm just not as energetic or accomplished. January was a down month. That must mean February will be a home run, right?

I'm not going to sit here and take it for granted. I'm in a stretch of 29 days, and each day will ooze work ethic. I'll worry about March when March gets here. The past will stay dead. I'm living for now. And work!

Work is play, and play means writing, working out, meditating. I've begun to wake up early (at 7) to meditate for an hour before I even start my day. I've done a lot more Yoga, and have even begun to go outside to skip a little rope. Maybe my “voluntary” presence out of doors will key springtime.

I've been far more creative already in just the first few days of the month. I've started what I hope will be a stand alone novel, and though I've gotten off to a slow start editing my novel “Rising”, all I need is to kick the rust off a bit.


Now for a curiosity.

My last blog post had just 24 views in two days. That's down considerably from the 60+ views I had been getting, and the 100+ views one post received.

Maybe no one likes Yoga? Or I'm getting tired of posting my links all over the place, spamming the net.

You know, when you put too much in a net, the net will break!

24 views may throw someone else for a loop, but not me. It makes me not even care anymore, trying to win the prize, getting 100,000 page views. I'm going to refocus my attention, breaking away from selling my blog to the internet in order to worry about myself. I may be posting more frequently, and hey, maybe my posts will be of a lesser quality, but I'm not going to try to write what everyone will like, which I may have been doing with all the writing posts I've written in January.

I'm plain sick of writing about writing. There's more to life than that, right? Sure, I'll let a writing post slide through now and again, and I may even fill the net up with it, but not too frequently.

Why is this?

On my Yoga post I got some feedback from a few of the people who saw it, and it was really positive, so positive that I realized what I had decided before was ultimate truth, but had somehow forgotten through January as my hits went through the roof.

If even one person reads my blog and gets something productive/positive/inspiring out of it, or if I write even one thing that someone disagrees with, resulting in my learning from their point of view, I win.

And so does that one person.

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19 Responses to Refocusing in February

  1. I voted for a home run month for you!

  2. I think you should write about what you find compelling and interesting to you that day. I think sometimes we get so caught up in what we think we should be doing we lose track of what we want to be doing. And if you aren't having fun doing it then it becomes too much like work and then it gets harder to do. I think this month should be a great month for you. I hope to stop by more frequently.

    1. Yeah! That's exactly right, Tasha. It's what I realized, and keeping that in mind the last few days I've been a lot happier than usual.

  3. I no longer worry about page views mate and simply don't have the time or energy to endlessly promote myself, so I concentrate on the blogs I like yours for example

  4. Another post I enjoyed reading J.R. thanks. I have to admit to the yoga one being my first outside of Google plus.

  5. Just write what's in your heart and post accordingly. You will always have readers, JR!

  6. I agree with Tasha. Write from the heart! Be happy and have a wonderful February! :-)

  7. JR,
    I agree that you should write what is in your heart. Readers want your sincerity, and it doesn't matter what topic as long as it is something you like and that you want to share with us. I wish you a great month, for you and for us all. Take care!

  8. JR write what you want with honesty as always, I'll read, I know many others will too. I don't worry about views or how many comments, I only want to share what I know or have experienced so others may learn. As you said if it touches one person, then we both have been successful.

  9. i have also realised that fishing the net may not be the best for my silliness .. i've retrained myself and lessened the output. it suits me fine - enjoy the 29 days- we'll be watching :)

  10. Thank you all, what great advice. I'll listen to it and stay on track :)

    And hopefully I'll remember to post how the month has gone after it's over.

  11. JR - I use the start of the year to refocus, the new month, the new day. Life happens and we get a bit lost, however we can refocus whenever we want. As for content, comments and views. It's a mystery. I only write for me, and not the big bang theory. Some weeks, WOW, the views blow me away. I look at the posts, and ponder... why? Other weeks or posts, the writing is so much better ( I think) and the views are down. You can't predict and if you try to write for the world (who are fickle) you'll not be a happy writer.

    1. That's a great reply, Brenda. I'll definitely take this one to heart, thank you!

  12. Nova before u write fr anyone write for urself...write from heart n followers wil come...

    I know easier said than art is in its most pure form unless untill commercialized...

    Chilax........Take a deep breathe....

    Happy FEB!


  13. write to be happy and to make others happy!

  14. Hello JR.
    I couldn't agree with you more.
    I love to it every day, but not everything I write gets posted on my blog. I write about what I passion...I write about love. For me writing is like's necessary to exist. Doesn't matter the kind of day I've had or how far behind I am in returning visits/reading blog posts (which is most of the time), I always write. Drives my wife crazy sometimes when I jump out of bed in the middle of the night because some thought or other just came to me & I need to jot it down before I forget it (smile). My one piece of advice is don't worry about stats (I leave that to my wife/Assistant who loves the challenge of keeping stats), just write from the heart. You can never please everyone, so write to please yourself...write what you're passionate about. Your faithful readers will always return to read.
    Sorry for the long comment - as you can see, I love to write (smile).
    Best wishes, friend!

    1. Don't apologize for this comment! That was remarkable, and enjoyable to read. Thanks a ton, Andy :)


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