A Healthful Betrayal

I have a small audience as far as blogs go, but even if one of you reads the following and can relate or feel a passion about Steve Cooksey's story, this will have been worth sharing.

Steve is a diabetic. His doctors and nurses told him to continue eating many of the same foods that had given him diabetes in the first place, and he bucked their advice in order to eat a new way. He has since all but cured his diabetes. He takes no insulin and no medication. He eats a low-carb diet. Pass the meat, hold the potatoes.

At first, I was skeptical of Steve's diet, but as I got to know him I realized his diet works for him. It has even changed my approach to food, and now I don't feel guilty about the occasional hamburger.

Despite our very different approaches to the dinner table (he is a carnivore, and I am a flexitarian) I feel like we both live a healthier lifestyle than the norm. Meat and fruit aside, you won't find any Lays chips in our cupboards. We eat a minimum of processed foods, we fast on a near-daily basis, and we exercise a lot.

Now Steve has a blog, with a disclaimer that he's not a health professional. He discusses diet with diabetics and others, and he hands out common-sense advice.

And now the Big Bad Government is investigating him.

[Below is a video on his investigation, and three articles for further reading.]

There's a lot of information here on Steve and diabetes.

I found this extremely unsettling. I understand the sentiment behind the government protecting citizens from fly-by-night-drug-cocktail-pushers (not to be confused with pharmacists, apparently), but how can the government shut down the free speech of someone with proven results? How can anyone stop anyone else from sharing what works?

Steve has opened my eyes to a pressing matter, how ill-informed diabetics and others are about diabetes. This isn't by accident. There is a lot of government corruption in our nation, and believe it or not, most of that corruption comes from the food industry, in all its forms. Whether it's Monsanto, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Pfizer, the meat and dairy industry (Steve may disagree with me on that), and others, the companies pouring the most money into Washington D.C. are those companies putting food on our tables.

These companies aren't just in government either, but are even manipulating scientific research and charities.

Does it make sense that the fast food and soft drink industries help to fund cancer and diabetes research? To me it does. And it's no surprise to me that in fifty years we still don't have a medical cure for cancer or diabetes, though there is most definitely a dietary cure. Both types of diseases have even been passed off as “genetical” by many in the health field, as if nothing we can do will prevent or cure our ills.

The dietary cure/prevention isn't going to come from a foil package or a wrapper with a big “M” stamped on the front of it. That's basically what Steve is telling people, and for his compassion he's getting a shakedown with people who jingle when they walk, and get a buttache when they sit down to eat.

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12 Responses to A Healthful Betrayal

  1. Sincere thanks for sharing my story...very well said. I'm jealous. :)

    Thank you too for the complimentary words, I do appreciate them sir.

  2. I think advice given carefully is good. If we provide people with ideas and alternatives, it can help. Doctors are people too ;). If we depended on "experts" for everything we believed, well then we would depend on politicians to tell us the best way to run government ;)

    I am on a diet that is an alternative to chemo therapy and it has worked for the better part of 2 years...just saying.

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  4. Hello JR.
    You're right...this is indeed alarming!
    I am borderline diabetic. I don't take medication, but have my blood sugar levels checked regularly because diabetes exists in my family. My mom & sisters are all diabetic & it was one of the contributing factors in my dad's death. I exercise everyday & have a healthy diet. I know what works for me & Steve obviously knows what works for him. If I feel like cheating every now & then, I do. In fact, just yesterday I ate a bar of chocolate...it was good and I didn't even feel guilty, but I probably won't eat something like that again for a few more months...everything in moderation.

    If we took all the pills & medications doctors recommended, we'd be walking pharmacies. We should not forget that professionals, like doctors, get subsidies from these large pharmaceutical companies to plug their latest drugs.

    What happened to free speech? Guess even that is going to be censored too!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

    1. You're welcome and thank YOU for sharing this. That's so much to think about and it's great to hear that even though you're looking after yourself, you aren't uptight about it.

      I don't trust doctors. There's nothing like telling one of them I'm allergic to penicillin, and getting exactly that :|

  5. Be it the US or India, the Government is the root of all the evils...what you have said is true.

    1. Not all but pretty darn close, Janu! It's like walking with a clumsy giant. Government is too slow to walk behind, because it only gets in your way, and it's too risky to walk in front, because it might trample you if you stop to rest.

  6. Diabetics runs in my family and it has been quite long since I did a blodd check. I was cheeky enough to even donate blood without having my blood checked. Well, and as for food, I've not been quite careful. I don't overdo anything but at the same time I haven't cut down on anything. Steve seems to be a sensible dietician for himself. The manipulation of the giant chains and the government is slowly showing its ugly face even in India.

    Thanks for this informative post, JRN.

    Have a wonderful weekend and be energised with your flexitarian diet :)

    Joy always,

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan. The evil empire is far reaching ;)

  7. What a load of crap, big money sure does attempt to run our lives.

  8. I too have heard a few nightmare details about the food industry. And since I tried the hcg drops with very relieving success, I've tuned in every time the subject comes up either on the TV or radio. They seem to go out of their way to find someone the diet didn't work for when I know many who, like myself, it worked wonders for. I won't even go into some of the other things I've heard. Grrrrr


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