Tebow Magic

Tim Tebow never fails to amaze me. I remember him standing at a podium, apologizing to fans after the Gators' only loss in 2008. He swore his team would not lose another game. He swore no one would work harder than him. The Gators never lost, and I have no doubt Tim Tebow worked harder than anyone else, and continues to do so. I've been a big fan of his ever since. He continues to defy logic, odds, and detractors.

Despite being an atheist, I'm not afraid of his faith. I'm proud of it. I want to be like him. I want to believe in something so much that I wear it on my sleeve. He's living proof that this works.

If I believe in something, what do I have to lose? How can I possibly fail? What Tebow brings to the football field are intangibles, and it is by such intangibles that life is truly measured. Life is not measured by trophies, awards, titles, and games won or lost.

We can all have something to believe in, to put our faith in. It can be love for family, a political, religious, or spiritual ideal, a dream, humanity itself. Something to push us forward, something for which we strive for. Something to motivate us to do better, to be better, to reach for the next step on the stairway.

Very few people exhibit this as well as Tebow, so it's no surprise to me that Tebow usually finds a way to get things done. His opponents rarely have a chance. Tebow has a purpose when he's out on the football field, and it's a greater purpose than simply winning the game. And that's why he wins. He's driven by more than end results. People with more physical talent than he has don't stand a chance against him if they lack the balance he has for life.

If I can live for more than myself, and for more than what I hope to accomplish, what can possibly stop me from feeling fulfilled and happy, and accomplishing what I set out to do?

What can stop me from feeling fulfilled and happy even if I fail?

Faith is a win/win situation with few exceptions. I've witnessed this time and again. People can suffer the worst things if they have faith in something. Without faith, people can have everything and hate and waste it all. With faith comes appreciation and perspective.

This hasn't always been my point of view, but as I become more of an individualist I have come to see that it doesn't matter so much what we do and believe, but that we have something to do and believe in.

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12 Responses to Tebow Magic

  1. "What can stop me from feeling fulfilled and happy even if I fail?"
    The answer: Nothing! Not when we strive to know God's will for our life. We can fail, suffer setbacks, know the hurt and disappointments, but, with His love to support us, we will ever win in the long run.
    He has a plan for your life, and for mine.
    When we humble ourselves in all humility, and let Him be in control, amazing changes begin to take place.
    And, the questions for which there was no answer begin to answer themselves . . .
    A different journey for each person. A different timing. A different place.
    Yet, it happens. Happens in His time . . .
    Happens just in time for us.
    Blessings, JR!

  2. Thanks, Martha. It's the heartfelt sincerity that I appreciate most :)

  3. "Faith" n "belief in something" creates the magic.... it gives all the strength to cope with all odds.

    really a thoughtful post Nova :)

  4. Outstanding message here J.R.!
    Without faith it’s impossible to be fulfilled.
    Tebow magic indeed! He’s a shining example! Amen!

  5. the feelings remain, God is with us all through our journey. this faith can shine the path of wisdom. we are in search of eternity. where there is faith, there is eternity to hold on.

    a very thoughtful post indeed J.R:)

  6. @Jyoti, I like that. "Faith and belief in something creates the magic"...well said!

    @Debra, the more I grow up the more I believe that is true, that we need something strong in our lives to be fulfilled.

    Thank you all for commenting!

  7. Great post, A thinking man, yes? Faith in self is as important as faith in something bigger than self. With out faith, we are lost.

  8. "I have come to see that it doesn't matter so much what we do and believe, but that we have something to do and believe in." - I absolutely agree with you on this!

  9. @ Jyoti, you're welcome :)

    @ Jan and Debbie, Thanks for commenting!

  10. Knowing what we want and going for it in faith is an extremely rewarding experience.


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