Friends, Not Sales Statistics

I enjoy marketing, but not in a vacuum. I can't stand posting links around the web; I feel self-conscious. I have a marketing plan. It's probably a bit harder than a “link parade”, and it makes no room for a budget of any kind, but I think in the long run it will work for me.

If fiction was practical, this post wouldn't matter. The reason for you to buy my writing would be plain as day. It could help you do something, like clean your gutters or trim your toes. If a book could make you dinner it would be worth spending money on, and all I'd have to do is tell you it exists. But because books don't “do” anything, writers have to be a bit more creative and work a lot harder than people with products that “do” something.

The last thing I want to come across as is someone who only sees people as statistics and sales figures. I do not want to be “that guy”. I do not want to hound anyone. Having been hounded before, I know how annoying that is. I don't want to have to go that route, nor will I. If my words can't sell themselves, what good is my writing?

The goal is to get people to take a chance on my words, and then sit back and let the story do all the work. To do that I personally must be interesting. I must give people a reason to want to buy something from me. There must be purpose.

What better purpose is there than friendship?

Building relationship and trust will take time, hard work, and patience. I will have to spend a lot of time each day making sure people see me (being visible), leaving comments, asking questions, and being genuine about others' works and interests. But I will also have to take the time to listen to what people have to say. It won't be just about me, but about them. About you.

Friendship goes beyond sales. It's a win/win even if I sell zero books, because friendship offers much more than what money can buy. Friendship offers another person. I'm very much people-driven. If I fail to care about other people—genuinely care—I cannot maintain the drive it takes to finish my stories, because I cannot write for the stories themselves. I must write for the reader. I must write for you.

I can learn from my friends, share camaraderie, and belong to something bigger than myself. I feel like I've got a lot to offer outside of writing, and I know other people have a lot to offer outside of reading.

What I want more than just writing books is to share the human experience. There's no reason to be overly professional. I'm not going to win any awards for doing everything by the book. In a people-driven world, it doesn't matter if I do things 100% right, just that I do them with 100% passion.

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8 Responses to Friends, Not Sales Statistics

  1. Nova this s highly appreicated, n I second with you very much...because by sharing u create an eternal bond with the reader...

    So do connect with me whenever we r mutually present. Brilliant!!


  2. Passion for what you do is everything!
    Truly liked your reflection here. I believe you will sell books, too!

  3. Very nicely said and a point well made, writers should write for the friendship of the reader who will desire to read more once the friendship bond is made.

  4. To the point and very true. I have a great deal of respect or those that can look in the mirror and like what they see. This is a great post.

  5. Very well said. I'm glad I met you through our blogs!


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