Prelude: Tao of Anxiety

I've been thinking a lot about anxiety lately. I've spent much of my time working on my phobias, incorporating exposure therapy and meditation into my evolving lifestyle. With this time spent on myself, I've had little time or passion to keep my stories going. 

I haven't let guilt to rear up (“why aren't you writing?”). Instead I sat on it, trusting that something would come along, something would pique my interest. And now something has.

This morning while I should have been meditating I was having an epiphany. I wanted to meditate, but my mind see-sawed between breath and thought. One idea came after another and by the time I was done thinking I had solved my problem of not having anything to write about.


Why don't I write about anxiety?

On a single sheet of paper I had written fourteen topics. Each topic was related to anxiety. In the next couple of months I hope to develop these ideas into a blog series: The Tao of Anxiety. I'm sort of revamping something I had been working on early last year, but condensing its size and scope to fit a more specific range of ideas (not to mention implementing more learned experience than I had eighteen months ago).

Each post will be from my personal perspective, my own experience. I've found in the past that some with anxiety can relate to my concepts, and have benefited from some of the ideas I have about social anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. That was in the past, and today I sit here with, I hope, a better grasp on what helps me, what makes me worse, why I am the way I am, and what I can do to grow as a person.

Yet I won't be writing these posts for other people. I won't even be doing this for me. If you've read some of my previous “spiritual” posts, you'll understand when I say “I'll just be doing this.” I have no goal in mind except to do it, to observe the experience.

A little unorthodox and perhaps too spontaneous for our culture, but let's see where it takes us :)

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8 Responses to Prelude: Tao of Anxiety

  1. That sounds like a great idea. Who know's how many people will realize the same thing and try to help themselves after reading what you have to say :D I can't wait to read them.

  2. You are an interesting person, and the concept and reasons behind what you're doing are inspirational despite the fact that that isn't your goal. You are a person who is not simply rolling over and letting his anxieties be an excuse for attention, you're observing them and growing as a result.

    True growth comes from allowing ourselves to grow from our experiences. I'm happy you're doing this, no matter the reason, and I'm glad I met you over at G+.

    1. I'm depositing your vote of confidence :D

      Thanks a ton, Shawn!

  3. I agree that once you write about anxiety for someone else, you'll possibly develop some anxiety too. :)

  4. Great post! I really learned a lot. Everyone has some phobia I'm sure, whether it is small or big. And exposure therapy seems like it really would work. Thanks for sharing and informing. Take care!


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